Property Valuation inheritance: what you need to know as a co-heir in a hereditary community

Statistics show that approximately one in two estates contains at least one piece of Property valuation. If several people participate in the inheritance, they automatically form, according to the law, what is called a hereditary community . If the deceased has not settled the realization by will, all the co-heirs dispose of the property until the dissolution of the community and must administer it together.

Property  valuation

Since the co-heirs are associated by law as a hereditary community and a property cannot be divided without another, complex conflict situations often arise between the persons concerned. Questions such as “Does one of the heirs occupy the house and pay the others? ” or “Should the property be rented or sold?” are sources of disagreements and emotional discussions.
In the following article we give you the most important information on the topic of hereditary community and Property valuation.
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