What Should The Contract Of Sale Of A Property Valuers Adelaide Include?

As in any contract, the first thing that must appear in the document will be the identification of the natural persons involved in the transaction , taking into account the full name, the National Identity Document and the address where they currently reside, in this case both the buyer like the seller.

In turn, if a purchase of a Property Valuers Adelaide is going to be made, for business or business purposes, someone may be portrayed in the contract on behalf of other people , such as a proxy or an administrator of a company.

Likewise, in the event that there is a marriage subject to the community Property Valuers Adelaide regime , although either of the two can sign on behalf of the marriage, it is better that both go and sign both before a notary to avoid future problems in the event that they occur.

After the identification of both parties, the seller must include all possible information (title of the property, simple note…) that allows verifying and demonstrating the legality of the title of his property , and showing, in the same way, that he has the capacity to carry out the transaction.

Inside the contract of sale, all the detailed information about the property must also appear.

In this case, it would appear: 

  • The cadastral reference and the square meters of both the land, construction and useful.
  • The number of the registered estate
  • The exact address and location
  • The description of the property coinciding with the one that appears in the Land Registry
  • Your rental status (if there are occupants or tenants)
  • If you are up to date with payment of taxes such as IBI or there is any charge that must be reflected.
    • Installation and construction materials.
    • The situation and state of the farm.

    In order to carry out this part of the contract, it is essential that the seller attach the simple note or a registration certificate, so that the notary can verify the data such as ownership and the status of the charges.

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