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Homespun Humor

RRP $48.99

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This winning combination of very funny puns and clever satire is the latest collection of wordplays from Champion punster David R. Yale, whose earlier book, Pun Enchanted Evenings, won the 2011 Global eBook Award for humor. Yale's collection of 823 wildly original word plays includes droll daffynitions that turn your understanding of common words insight out, and playful pun stories with priceless PUNchlines. Covering almost every subject from airplanes to zoology, Yale's puns about doctors, relationships, cats & dogs, lawyers, teenagers, food, knights, Greek gods, writers, farmers, bankers, politics -- and lots more -- guarantee a full 1,000 gigglebytes of belly laughs. In addition to Yale's puns, and information on new scientific studies proving the mental superiority of punsters, HomesPun Humor showcases the work of 16 of the world's best punsters, including O. Henry Pun-Off, Punderdome(r), and Punsr champs! In addition, HomesPun Humor reveals confidential insider information you won't find anywhere else: * The secret of efficient hay farming? (Slow mow shun!) * The name of an opera about smiling cows. (Low-and-grin!) * Why the army won't serve second helpings of ice cream. (That would be re-treating!) * What must you never plant on a green roof. (Leeks!) * Leading doctor's secret for getting over the grippe. (Study French. You'll soon become flu went!) * What do you call a stolen Venetian boat? (Gone-dola!) Punsters and language lovers will find it hard to put this book down. But Yale's entertaining style makes it impossible to overdo wit!

Letters Of A Woman Homesteader

RRP $15.99

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"Letters of a Woman Homesteader" is a frontier classic by Elinore Pruitt Stewart, a widowed young mother who accepted an offer to assist with a ranch in Wyoming. In Stewart's delightful collection of letters, she describes her homesteading experiences to her former employer, Mrs. Coney. Stewart's charming descriptions of work, travels, neighbors, animals, land and sky have an authentic feel. The West comes alive, and everyday life becomes captivating. Stewart's writing is clear, witty, and entertaining. Clear as a bell, concise yet comprehensive, replete with localisms and skillfully rendered frontier humor, it makes one want to toss the PC and reference library into the trash and move to some unspoiled wilderness. The 26 letters are brief and tell about her life on the ranch in the early 1900s. The author frequently and unnecessarily apologizes for being too wordy; she begs forgiveness for many "faults," like being forgetful, ungrateful, inconsistent and indifferent, all without apparent cause. On occasion, language reflects the racial prejudice of the time. Many times in "Letters of a Woman Homesteader" Stewart attempts to portray the culturally diverse characters she meets by writing their various dialects as they sound. Elinore Pruitt Stewart was a remarkable woman. After enjoying this book, readers will be equipped with a whole new view of not only life in the early 20th century but of the impact woman had on it. Readers of "Letters of a Woman Homesteader" may also enjoy the film made from it, "Heartland." Elinore also wrote "Letters on an Elk Hunt", as well as many short pieces for periodicals of the day.

Inexpensive Homes Of Individuality

RRP $16.99

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From the introductory "Choosing a Style for the House."
ONE is sometimes asked whether there are not some fundamental principles which should control the choice of style for any given building, and especially of a dwelling house, in which fashion rather than reason so often dominates.
Without attempting to beg the question, the first thing that occurs to me is that a deliberate choice of style is by no means essential, and is, indeed, often a grave hindrance to a right, reasonable, and beautiful solution of the problem of building. And by style, I here mean what is ordinarily meant by that word; that is to say, a well defined mode of building prevalent in some certain place and at some certain time. Normally, style of this sort originates from the needs of a people, from the materials at hand and from a desire to build with beauty; but in the course of its evolution it is always modified and held in control by the builder's knowledge of what has gone before or what is going on at his own time. Until the revival of learning, the age of the conscious, passionate striving to resurrect the glory of the classic ages, there were but few, if any, deliberate attempts to hark back to an earlier manner of building. The ancients had done that sort of thing in sculpture when they had imitated the early work of their forbears in a way which, strive as it might, could not seize the real archaic spirit, the way we now call archaistic. But in architecture it is hard to put one's finger on that sort of thing earlier than the time of the Renaissance. Then, gradually, the old order gave way to the new. To be sure, even after the change, the needs of the people had to be met, and their needs were very different from those of the ancient Romans, but, such as they were, they were met in the way in which the men of the Renaissance thought the men of the Augustan era would have met them.
And thus for the first time arose the question of a deliberate choice of style, a resuscitation of a way of building in use in other ages and under other conditions. And this is what we have been trying to do ever since, only we out-Herod Herod. The men of the Renaissance were in unison as to the style they wanted to imitate. We do not know our own minds; we do not know what age, what country to set up as our standard, and the voices that would guide us are crying in this wilderness of indecision. But there is one thing well known, completely agreed upon by all who have given serious thought to it:- that it is not by the copying of the outward forms of any architectural style that we can hope to make our work vital and worthy. If from a plan suited to the needs of a given building, if from a reasonable and appropriate choice and handling of materials, there should grow beauty, it is all that we can ask and all that we need to ask. Simple as it sounds, the doing of the thing is difficult beyond conception. Few can do it well or even passably. Granted that this is the right way, the only way by' which we1 can hope to make buildings truthful and beautiful and eloquent of their time and place, it is easy to see how a choice of style from a priori considerations is a most grave hindrance to the following of it.

Stuck In The Middle, Finding A New Way

RRP $27.50

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Shipping Container Homes

RRP $18.99

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Start Living your Shipping Container Home Life!

Complete Guide to Shipping Container Homes 

 This Book provides all the information you need to live happily in a shipping container home. 

There are many reasons why you might be considering a shipping container home. Regardless, because of its sturdy design, shipping containers are a practical investment for almost anything, including a totally new kind of home.

Whatever your reasons for joining the shipping container home movement, it is evident that it is a concept that is quickly gaining traction. Whether you are single, watching your budget, or protecting the environment there is a shipping container home with your name on it.e

Here are Just a Few Things You'll Learn:

  • History of Shipping Containers

  • Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Terminology

  • Types of Containers

  • Choosing Shipping Container Home Locations

  • Legal Issues and How to Handle Them

  • Interior and Exterior Design Ideas and Tips

  • The Building Process

  • Budgeting Tips

  • Whatever your situation is, the Book will provide you extremely valuable information on Shipping Container Homes.

    Take Action Now and get this great Book for Only $7.99!


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